Yellow Jacket MASSIVE Ground Nest STING Wasp Nest Removal ASMR

  • Published: 12 September 2019
  • MASSIVE Yellow Jacket nest in ground Sting and Swarm! This nest was well hidden but began to swarm before my Dad started to mow. So out of safety for the old man ;-) It needed to be removed.

    I vacuumed up many adults as I could while digging up the main nest. This nest had well over 3,000 individuals inside! Once extracted, you can see the inside the hole and learn just how they accomplish this feat!

    Thanks for the donations!
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    And of course, no removal is totally complete without a little tweezing for you larvaholics and the girls having a feast!

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  • Arne B
    Arne B  1 hours back

    We're they bothering you or your parents?

    • Kai Rogers
      Kai Rogers  1 hours back

      whats larva??

      • Smokey McBongwater
        Smokey McBongwater  1 hours back

        31:18 Woah bill burr is laughing at chickens now too

        • riley durdaller
          riley durdaller  1 hours back

          I have a ground nest in my backyard and I want it removed because it might be the mane source of the wasps at my house

          • Dovah Kiin
            Dovah Kiin  1 hours back

            Ya LiKe *JaZz?*

            • Joel Roca Diaz
              Joel Roca Diaz  2 hours back

              the chicken part made my day

              • Ben Pierce
                Ben Pierce  2 hours back

                save the bees

              • Fidelity
                Fidelity  2 hours back

                i didn't know this is asmr and now i'm scared

                • Elliot DeLacey
                  Elliot DeLacey  3 hours back

                  So I know not many people are worried about this but, is it humane to kill the yellow jackets this way? Do they suffer at all?

                  • Hornet King
                    Hornet King   1 hours back

                    This method is as humane as it gets. There is no nice way to kill another creature.

                • erad5
                  erad5  4 hours back

                  1:25 maximum *_S U C C_*

                  • Jens Ritchie
                    Jens Ritchie  7 hours back

                    Why not use molten aluminum and cast the nest

                    • K31TH3R
                      K31TH3R  7 hours back

                      Okay, 7:16 peaked my interest. I've been stung by Eastern Yellow Jackets about 20 times in my life, (never even seen a German YJ in midwest U.S.) and every time I've been stung, I get stung once, and then their stinger remains while they're disemboweled while they try to fly away from their very unpleasant anchor. Is it just a common misconception that EYJ's don't lose their stinger when they sting you? Are there variations in EYJ's that do and don't leave their stinger?

                      • Tero
                        Tero  11 hours back

                        what kind of shity shoes u wearing bruh

                        • Tim Childers
                          Tim Childers  14 hours back

                          Why does this idiot sound so much like Tony Stewart??? I know its not Tony, because hes so much smarter than this moron

                          • Tim Childers
                            Tim Childers  14 hours back

                            Admirable perhaps, but you're doing it all wrong sir. Wait till about dark, walk up with a good flashlight and a gallon of gasoline. Pour about half of it down in the hole fast, and walk away for about 10 minutes. Then come back and pour some more down, then take your jug and put it way back out of the way, and then toss a lit match down. All done, no cameras or vaccum cleaners or bee suits needed. All done. Weve been doing it this way for decades bud.

                            • Jacob Otstot
                              Jacob Otstot  14 hours back

                              Now he takes these bits of nest and spreads them around rich homes. He is never out of work.

                              • O K
                                O K  15 hours back

                                That must have been an upcoming resort of a nest.... Beautiful and perfect

                                • Dmeads 56
                                  Dmeads 56  16 hours back

                                  You and I have different methods of getting rid of yellow jackets.

                                  • psycleen
                                    psycleen  17 hours back

                                    this is the bees knees

                                  • Meh Watties
                                    Meh Watties  18 hours back

                                    *Ya LiKe JaZz*

                                    • Asia Clark
                                      Asia Clark  18 hours back

                                      I had a pet bee hive and it was awesome

                                      • Asia Clark
                                        Asia Clark  18 hours back

                                        Me playing with my brother jumping around: :D Me stepping on the nest: FU-

                                        • Operator_Steve0
                                          Operator_Steve0  20 hours back

                                          I would of put gasoline in the hole and lit it

                                          • amphigorian
                                            amphigorian  21 hours back

                                            I hope this isn’t too silly of a question, but is there some reason not to let the chickens forage in the nests themselves? I mean couldn’t they pick out the grubs? I know nothing about chickens, it just seems like they might possibly enjoy it - like an enrichment/treat.

                                            • amphigorian
                                              amphigorian  21 hours back

                                              Are there rocks bc they’re too heavy to remove and they just fall as the wasps move dirt?

                                              • shymickey6
                                                shymickey6  22 hours back

                                                All of the wasp larvae that he
                                                ripped out of the nest with his tonges all have cerebral palsy now. 😋

                                              • Daniel Jin
                                                Daniel Jin  22 hours back

                                                Wait if there’s dirt in there hmmm
                                                Aren’t some yellow jackets in there?
                                                welp I guess there are ded

                                                • Tortilla Chip
                                                  Tortilla Chip  22 hours back

                                                  Southern yellow jackets are actually not aggressive twoards people that much

                                                  • Hornet King
                                                    Hornet King   18 hours back

                                                    False. Youre thinking of German Yellow Jackets.

                                                • Dave Irvin
                                                  Dave Irvin  1 days back

                                                  When I was nine I was digging in my yard and these guys attacked me

                                                  • Amit Deb
                                                    Amit Deb  1 days back

                                                    I feel so bad for those bees 🐝 😔... The cycle of nature... Food chain.. Whatever it was it's gone.

                                                    • Hornet King
                                                      Hornet King   18 hours back

                                                      *Wasps. Not gone. Watch my latest two videos to understand the cycle of life that I deal with and promote on the regular.

                                                  • Emily Adams
                                                    Emily Adams  1 days back

                                                    I like when he tweezes the white caps off the comb chambers and the big boi larvae pop-out

                                                    • DevinDTV
                                                      DevinDTV  2 days back


                                                      • Hornet King
                                                        Hornet King   18 hours back

                                                        Indeed. Thank you for quoting me.

                                                    • Elaine Tejada
                                                      Elaine Tejada  2 days back

                                                      What's that is that a kind of bee?

                                                      • Hornet King
                                                        Hornet King   2 days back

                                                        Yellow jackets are a type of wasp.

                                                    • Ginger gaming
                                                      Ginger gaming  2 days back

                                                      finally YouTube recommendations *aren't broken*

                                                      • Sean Moore
                                                        Sean Moore  2 days back

                                                        I don't care about whether I suck out the envelope or not, all I care is that those guys get sucked the heck in! If it were up to me, I would pull out a heckin' Poltergust just to make sure everything is sucked up!

                                                        • THIS FREAKEN GUY
                                                          THIS FREAKEN GUY  2 days back

                                                          I've had alot of chickens before like around 50 and we would always give them our scraps so I know what u mean about them taking the food and running LOL
                                                          They would do that all the time so none of the other chickens would take it from them
                                                          And also sometimes they would do a tug of war over like a pizza crust and it was so funny lol

                                                          • THIS FREAKEN GUY
                                                            THIS FREAKEN GUY  2 days back

                                                            I'm scared to death of wasps,bees,Hornets [etc]
                                                            So this whole video I was freaking out and I almost threw up at the larva ASMR 🤮

                                                            • THIS FREAKEN GUY
                                                              THIS FREAKEN GUY  2 days back

                                                              Why do I think of....

                                                              "Poor wasps their nest that they took sooo long to make just got destroyed :(

                                                              • THIS FREAKEN GUY
                                                                THIS FREAKEN GUY  2 days back

                                                                0:30 how much money would u stick your hand in that hole for?

                                                                "That's what she said"

                                                                • Rachel
                                                                  Rachel  2 days back

                                                                  I'm new to this channel so I don't know if this is redundant but since you remove the turf/topsoil, you should look into archaeology trowels! They're made for the kind of scraping I saw you doing and should make that aspect much easier!!

                                                                  • oh crap I'm still a piece of garbage

                                                                    I probably the only person who seen this but why was The Nest shaped like a dick

                                                                    • Jerico Jabsworth
                                                                      Jerico Jabsworth  2 days back

                                                                      That explains the yellow jacket near, because that's what the fat people say

                                                                      • Broken_Jordan ._.
                                                                        Broken_Jordan ._.  2 days back

                                                                        To stabilize the envelope

                                                                        • davon davon
                                                                          davon davon  2 days back

                                                                          10:40 you're welcome

                                                                          • Matt Burns
                                                                            Matt Burns  2 days back

                                                                            When I had scorpions they loved yellow jacket pupae

                                                                            • libratin
                                                                              libratin  2 days back

                                                                              25:56 this is what they mean when they say yeetus the fetus

                                                                              • Danh Bui
                                                                                Danh Bui  2 days back

                                                                                Here we go guys, 2pm and youtube recommended a guy removal some bee nest... Why not? XD

                                                                                • PaperData
                                                                                  PaperData  2 days back

                                                                                  I want to eat the hexicomb thing just me?